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George in his snapdragon chairIf you have met George, you will know that he loves being able to keep up with Harry and the rest of his friends. However, for George to be able to take part in many activities he requires special equipment which is not available through the NHS. 

Those affected by SMA Type 2 will never be able to lead a fully independent life and will eventually have to rely on a powered wheelchair to get around.  

With the support of family and friends, we managed to raise £20,045 so that George could have a specialist ‘Snapdragon’ powerchair. This enables him to move around, go up and down and even to be held in a standing position. With his ‘Snapdragon’ George is able to interact and play with his peers more easily.

In the future George will require more specialised equipment to help him with the simple challenges of daily life, such as having a bath or shower. As George grows, all his equipment, including his powerchair will need to be upgraded and replaced. Therefore we need to continually fundraise for George so that he can lead as full a life as possible and have similar opportunities to Harry and others his age.

Please visit the Donate page if you would like to help.